Why Choose between comfort, support, and Confidence at the beach when you can have all three?

UV50+ Protection
Underwire Patent Technology
Eco-friendly shapewear

For bodies rocking sizes up to G CUPS, get your

supported in a Wet Leopard cult classic before your next beach trip.

Calling All Sea Sirens

Embrace your inner ocean goddess with skin protecting technology that moulds to your body, supports your bust and smooths you in all the right places.

The Rashguard Reimagined

Try our patented underwire technology, now in all of our sun-conscious swimwear.
And it’s custom-designed to your bra size.

Message us now to find your perfect fit,
supporting B cup to G cup in every size.

How our customers feel about our supportive sun-conscious swimwear.

We advocate for your skin with uncompromising sun protection.

Who doesn’t love basking in the sunshine? We do, and we know our customers do. That’s why we created stylish breathable swimsuits for women with small to bigger busts, who want all-day comfort and superior UV protection. We started Her Skin to help educate and raise awareness of melanoma risks in young women and to encourage prevention and action.

Wet Leopard in the wild


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