Underwire Bra Technology: Where Vision Becomes Reality

When it doesn’t exist, design it!

Our trailblazing founder, Ally embarked on a transformative journey sparked by her personal experiences. It all began with her dissatisfaction stemming from uninspiring rash guards that turned a blind eye to authentic support for women. In a span of four years, fueled by relentless dedication, she turned frustration into innovation—a groundbreaking rash guard was born, flaunting an unparalleled underwire support system. Patents proudly secured in the US and Australia marked the pinnacle of this journey, raising the bar in swimwear technology.

Crafted by Women, Tailored to Women

Dare to defy. Unlike others, we reject the mundane. While they offer rash guards and long-sleeve swimsuits, they fumble on the cornerstone—bust support. Their one-size-fits-all doctrine overlooks the nuanced contours of women, especially those embodying fuller forms. 

Shelf bras? Mere echoes against the orchestra of genuine support. Yet, that’s not our tale.

Innovative Engineering: The Heart of Our Creation

At Wet Leopard, innovation threads every creation. Our secret? An avant-garde underwire bra design, woven within a corset-like structure, meticulously crafted for the marriage of support, flexibility and comfort. Each underwire is tenderly hand-stitched into its fabric casing, then seamlessly melded into the essence of our rash guards and one-piece swimsuits. Enveloped in sustainable shapewear fabric, this ingenious alliance ensures not only unmatched support but also an embrace that smooths every curve.

When it doesn’t exist, design it!

Sizes are mere notes in your melody. We champion custom experiences. From Small to Extra Large, we offer three distinctive bra size choices—B/C, D/E, and F/G cups—embracing a spectrum of bust dimensions, molding to perfection. Bid adieu to the compromise of ill-fitting swimwear; greet your immaculate fit.

Unseen Support, Unparalleled Comfort

Farewell to those pesky thin bikini straps. Our swimsuit design embodies innovation—a bust lift and separation that echoes excellence. No more neck or shoulder discomfort—just the euphoria of looking and feeling your finest.

Ever felt that tug of a back strap’s clasp? Here, it’s a phantom. Our inner back strap works covertly, nestled flush against your back, delivering unwavering support while preserving your comfort.

More Than Swimwear: It's an Unveiling

Wet Leopard’s design is beyond a facet; it’s a covenant to redefine your swimwear narrative. With our creations, you’re not just adorned; you’re empowered, elevated, and poised to embrace waterside life with unmatched poise.

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