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Check back here to see our latest collections, designed in collaboration with local and international artists with the same style and functionality as our signature pieces.

Meet our latest Limited Edition drop…Metamorphosis

Introducing our newest collection ‘Metamorphosis, featuring edgy ‘old school’ tattoo motifs inspired by the iconic tattooist, Sailor Jerry.

Exquisitely hand drawn in collaboration with Italian-born tattoo artist Noemi Spadaro, motifs are hand placed resembling a full sleeve tattoo. Inspired by the alluring power of the ocean and mystical creatures, our Metamorphosis collection tells a story of seaside adventures and untamed passion, that calls for the wearer to bring out her inner goddess.

Eco-friendly shapewear
Underwire Patent Technology
UV50+ Protection

Shop our limited collection of one-of-a-kind pieces

Slip into one of our signature underwire sun-conscious swimsuits from the Metamorphosis collection adorned with Sailor Jerry-inspired nautical motifs and indulge in superior functionality, UV protection and style. Our latest drop consists of carefully curated contemporary tattoo-inspired designs from our local artist collaboration.

Let the mystery and romance of the sea envelop you (figuratively and literally) as you sport one of our signature underwire pieces from our Metamorphosis collection

Meet the artist behind the collection

Noemi is a young tattoo artist from Italy that has studied Fine Art at Instituto D’arte Basile. Here, she discovered real-life drawing techniques and fell in love with the history of art, painting and sculpting. Soon after, she was called by the siren song of tattooing and left her native country to make a fresh start in Australia.

Throughout her tattooing career, Noemi has dedicated herself to becoming technically and artistically proficient in many styles of tattooing.

The Wet Leopard team have teamed up with the talented Noemi to bring her works of art to life in the supportive swimwear world in our latest Metamorphosis collection.

The Mermaid

The mermaid is a mythical sea creature symbolizing a strong and empowered female, embodying free-spiritedness, independence, and intuition. She can represent the power of nature, birth and rebirth cycles, but also evoke feelings of danger and seduction due to her alluring nature.

The Skull

Skull tattoos designs can represent strength, power, and protection, as well as the inevitability of death. For some, a skull tattoo represents the death of an old life and the beginning of a new chapter. It can be seen as empowering and life-affirming symbols that encourage us to embrace the present moment and live boldly.

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We always seek local and international artists to collaborate on upcoming collections. Tell us more if you’re an artist (or know someone you think we should collaborate with). We’d love to hear from you!

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