Hey there! Have you ever noticed how being out in the sun can make you feel happier and more relaxed? It\’s not just in your head – sunlight has been shown to have some pretty amazing health benefits. It can help reduce stress, improve your sleep patterns, and even boost your mood.

But before you go sunbathing without a care in the world, it\’s important to remember that too much sun exposure can also be harmful. You can put yourself at risk for skin damage or cancer if you\’re not careful. It\’s all about finding the right balance – enjoying the sun while staying protected under it.

So how does sunlight affect your skin health? Well, when UV rays from the sun enter your skin cells, they can affect the skin\’s growth and appearance. Over time, too much exposure to these rays can make your skin appear leathery, wrinkled, and thin. And as you get older, it becomes harder for your skin to repair itself. Sun protection is recommended when the UV levels are 3 or higher, as this indicates that the sun\’s rays are strong enough to cause skin damage.

But here\’s the good news – the sun can also be good for your skin in some instances. For example, if you have psoriasis or eczema, UV light can actually help with the healing process. And doctors often recommend UV light treatment for jaundice and acne patients.

Sunlight also triggers a boost in serotonin in your brain, which is responsible for mood stabilization and feelings of wellbeing.

That\’s why it\’s important to make sure you\’re getting just the right amount of sun exposure each day. Wet Leopard sun-conscious underwire swimwear is all about championing skin health in the name of enjoying the sun safely.

One way to protect your skin is to wear UPF50+ swimwear, like the long sleeve one-pieces and rash guards from Wet Leopard. Not only do they look stylish and have inbuilt underwire support, but they also block over 98% of the sun\’s harmful UV rays, which means you can enjoy your time under the sun without worrying about sunburn, premature aging, or other skin damage. With Wet Leopard, you can focus on having fun and feeling confident, knowing that your skin is safe and healthy.

Remember, the sun can be your friend, but only if you treat it with respect and caution. So next time you plan an outdoor adventure, don\’t forget to pack your Wet Leopard UPF50+ swimwear and other sun protection essentials, like your hat, sunnies and sun screen. Your skin will thank you!

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