The best breakup You'll Ever have

Breaking up with the sun!

OMG, these days the sun is so hot, you can literally fry an egg on your stomach!

When you come home from a day of surfing and your skin is as pink and wrinkly as grandmas. That’s not so hot!

You need to break up with the sun! Just text him it’s OVER, your days of sitting around waiting are done, you’ve been burnt too many times!  Take the control back, grab your girlfriends for a day out doing the things you love.

Oh you’ll cry, we know it, but they’ll be tears of pure joy.   Because you’ll be looking hotter than a Southern Californian day (thank you Maroon Five!) in our unique underwire bikini vest.

We get it – we’ve spent entire summers designing swimsuits so girls have the ultimate sun protection but still flaunt their stuff.

We’ve visited loads of Australian beaches, from Bondi to Cottesloe Beach to the Whitsundays, talking to girls and women about their sports, bikinis and sun protection.

We’ve listened, you want a swimsuit that is:

  • functional
  • actually stays put, aka no bikini malfunctions while surfing, supping, kiting
  • but also looks good on, yep we’ve got you covered – literally.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out Australian Pro Surfer girls like Holly Coffey, junior world champion kite surfers like Hanna Twarog longboard rider Lola Schremmer free divers Malin Summer and more awesome girls who are inspired to live healthy active lifestyles like our favourite blogger Helen Chik.

All these ladies have discovered our swimsuits, they’re fashion forward, fierce feminine girls who love our unique designs and summer protection. All have broken up with the sun and you can too – you don’t need to be boring when it comes to sun protection.

Our Underwire Bikini Vest is made to empower, support, protect and will be popular among peers. It’s actually possible to be totally sexy in our bikinis and never have to worry about the sun again.

At Wet Leopard our mission is for:
‘Every young woman to break up with the sun’
And start living active outdoor lives without the risk of skin cancer or melanoma. Our Underwire Bikini Vest is a first, it’s got ladies binning their bikini tops and wearing our supportive rash guards instead.

The built-in underwire bra gives you a little boob boost and is super supportive for any activity.

Click HERE for our crop top underwire Bikini Vest and matching BIKINI BOTTOMS, or click HERE for our Long Sleeve underwire Bikini Vest and matching bottoms.

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